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California Center for Population Research (CCPR) Fielding School of Public Health - Dept. of Biostatistics


I am a Research Scientist at the  Department of Biostatistics Univesity of California, Los Angeles, USA. I am also affiliated to California Center for Population Research and a visiting professor at FGV/EBAPE, a school of business and public administration in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  

I am interested health inequality in Low and Middle Income Countries (LMIC): its socioeconomic and political determinants; its measurement; and on improving program targeting to reduce these inequalities. Current work includes: the effect of a randomize anti-corruption on child health in Brazil; heterogeous effect of democratization on child mortality; measurement of inequality in LMIC  within and between socioecomomic groups; development of new methods to study inequality in mortality; extension of decomposition methods to Bayesian hierarchical models; and application of machine learning methods to improve program targeting in Sub-Sharam Africa and Brazil. 

I have a PhD in Political Science, a MS in statistics and posdoctoral trainning in Public Health and Biostatistics. I am recepient of the K99/R00 path to independence award.  My research has been founded by several sources, including NICHD.