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California Center for Population Research (CCPR) Fielding School of Public Health - Dept. of Biostatistics


I am a postdoctoral scholar at UCLA, affiliated with both the Department of Biostatistics and the California Center for Population Research. My recent work has been on the measurement of inequality in early-life mortality, on the effects of Democratization on Infant and Child Mortality, and on improving programming to combat early-life mortality. My work has been funded by a K99 Path to Independence award from the NICHD. 

With Rob Weiss, I have proposed new statistical tools to quantify inequality in early-life mortality within and between groups of births. Related work includes measuring inequality in infant mortality globally, within and between countries, and a research on the determinants of the decline in infant mortality in recent years across the developing world. I have also used both national level and individual level data to investigate the heterogeneous effects of democracy in early-life mortality across countries and also across different income groups within countries. Finally, with Rob Weiss and Jody Heymann, I have developed a new approach for using several risk factors simultaneously and identifying high risk births, and using this information to improve programing targeting. 

Most of my work draws upon the analysis of large data sets. For my dissertation, I have used a dataset containing  the records of 5.5 million births from 50 developing countries (using the Demographic Health Surveys as source). I am currently expanding this data set. 

I have a PhD in Political Science and a MS in Statistics, both from UCLA.  My work has been featured by NRP news, Huffington Post, and TakePart.